Sunday, May 20, 2007

the last of the vacation

Here is the last batch of vacation photos that I'll post. We drove arounf the Olympic Penninsula, & up to Hurricane ridge, where snow was still quite deep.
We saw several more deer along the road, as well as some grouse.
Did you know there is a rain forrest in Washington? It wasn't raining when we were there. It was warm & sunny, & we hugged some of the biggest ttrees I've ever seen.
I loved the ferns too.
This old spruce tree was an amazing giant.

I felt as if they were going to start walking & talking, like in "Lord of the Rings" , & "Bridge to Terabithia".

I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.
The Moss was beautiful too.
My imagination ran wild. Oh, & the smell of the green... it was Heavenly
Is that a Gnome? Nope it's my pal Ilene.
Near our condo at Discovery Bay, one of the old buildings has collapsed. I took pictures of it a few years ago before the collapse. I've been thinking I'd like to do a photo transfer quilt & includesome of each of the shots I've taken of this building. There's something I find beautiful in an old weathered falling down building.

On our last Friday in Seattle we went to out son-in-law's Posey's concert at the Wild Ginger, dinner theater in Seattle. They did 2 shows that night & the place was packed. We got to set right up front.I'm afraid my pictures didn't tturn out good, but I thought this one was interesting. The music was way better than my photograpy.

Her's Darian & one of Michelle's old friends Dustin.
& Michelle holding the sweet little French child of Ken the other Posey singer.

There wasore of the inspiring architecture from this old theater.

Finally we flew back into the land of the midnight sun. This was taken from out plane at midnight just before we landed in Anchorage. It's light almost all the time now.
Thursday we played bingo at quilt guild. I won a yard of fabric, but gave it to the gal who made the bingo block I used.
This weekend I worked on the Irish dance dress. Here is the bodice front panel.
& the cape for the back. I need to get some stays for stability, & I'm going to work on making several yards of piping from the black material that I have, then I think it'll start going together fairly quickly. I'd like to get as much as possible done before my surgery in 2 weeks.

I'm afraid I'm running out of time.

My youngest son, Corey flew in for a couple of days. He took the large bed & dresser from our guest room. so I can now move our daybed with it's trundel into the guest bedroom. We plan on getting a stationary bike to put in there so the room can serve a duel purpose.

Once the daybed is out of my studio, I can rearrange it, & make room for a Longarm quilter. Then hopefully my shoulder will get better & I'll be able to use it! I better hit the hay now. I'm on call tomorrow, so must get some sleep. G'night!


Vicki W said...

Great photos! You're getting a longarm - sweet! Have you decided on the specific machine yet?

Sande said...

I loved seeing your vacation photos. We took much the same route around Washington several years ago so your photos brought back great memories. It is a truly beautiful and peaceful area.
Hope your surgery goes well with a speedy recovery.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Beautiful tree shots especially!

So Deb is going long out world! You will be such a natural with it....

MJAPA said...

I put some videos from The Posies show on my youtube account: if you want to see them! Cool about the new machine! I bet you will make all sorts of goodies!

Rian said...

Love those tree pics. You're getting a longarm? I'm so jealous.

mindy said...

I wish Christi hadn't gone to bed....she'll go nuts when she sees the pics.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely photos! And the Irish dress is looking great too.

jackie said...

Lovely snow and holiday views. My son has just been home and taken away lots of his belongings, so like you I am planning how to use the extra space.

Granny Fran said...

I am really enjoying your vacation. And I am in awe of the midnight light! That dress is going to be so gorgeous.

Rhonda said...

What great pictures you took. Pictures seem to say it all, don't they? I espceially loved the huge trees and the way you'll demo-ed just how big around the tree trunk is.