Saturday, March 03, 2007


My friend Mindy wanted to know if I was ok, as I haven't blogged much lately. Maybe I do have a slight case of SAD, otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Nothing serious, just no drive. I have been doing a lot of running around town, & the weather has been bitter cold, which saps a lot out of me. I manged to make it to Quilt guild on Thursday, which was nice to see all our friends.
Our fearless leader, this year's president Kay Fiero, has been busy.

The old-fashioned girls below she finished, & will be a raffle quilt .

I'm not sure who made this block, but thought it fits how I've been feeling lately.
The things I've been working on, are little gifts for Easter, & a piece that is for a contest that can't have been published, so sorry, but there's nothing of my own to show right now.
Last night we went to Bartlett High School to watch their talented kids do a great music program. 2 of the girls that were soloists, sinnging & dancing were our friends Holly & Bill's girls. Tomorrow they're coming for dinner.
Tonight we're going to see a movie. I'm not sure which yet, but will try to get back to posting more frequently.
As for questions on the last post, I'm not sure what Jim wants for the cruise. I think his idea is to get Alaskan cruising togehter in a warm place, but I'm sure anyone who wants to come is welcome. I think it's one of those going from island to island cruises. There wouldn't be a lot of time at sea. I can't see using Alaskan teachers for Alaskan cruisers to be much of a draw, since these people could come play with me anytime (or at least they used to be able to, when I was still teaching locally, which is something I've not done lately). I don't know the answers I'm afraid. I'm not really that excited at this point, since I don't really even believe it yet, & nothing has been set in stone or even on paper yet!
I've been playing with my needle felting a lot lately. Both by hand & with my machine. I may come up with some new embellishing classes, using felting needles, I'm purposely avoiding tutorials, & books by other artists, because I want to do my own thing with this. I don't want to risk being influenced by others on what I'm doing.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Hope you perk up soon, Deb.
What about a half hour of full spectrum lighting in the morning with your coffee and a good inspiring read?

mindy said...

Hey Deb, just checking in from Seattle...quite a day...rode in an ambulance to accompany one of our Anhorageites...missed all of today's dancers..thankfully Hope dances tomorrow. Sorry you've been in a least we're gaining daylight!

MJAPA said...

Hey mom! If you get inspired in the world of snowflakes, I just commisioned an artist to create a tattoo for me with three snowflakes. It is something I have been wanting for a while. If you have any interest in drawing one let me know!

Granny Fran said...

I can see why you might have a case of SAD. I tend to get it with our short days and yours are a lot shorter. Glad you're being creative, if not sociable.

Debra Spincic said...

I can certainly understand the Help! block!

Some good sunshine might perk you up--come see me in Houston!