Sunday, March 04, 2007

Movie Night

Well, we went to see "Bridge to Terabithia" last night. I thought it was supposed to be a fun kiddy flick! It turned out to be a TEAR JERKER! Bring your tissues if you go see it. I ended up with a headache, trying not to sob! I heard a little girl behind me whisper to her mom, "Why are you crying mommy?", that made me want to cry harder! So much for a fun feel good flick.

Sooo, we went & saw "Ghost Rider". Now that was a comic book movie. It was silly & creepy & funny, & it ended on a good note, with a peppy, updated version of the old song "Ghost Riders In the Sky". I felt better after that.

Right now, we're waiting for our company to show up. I've made Artichoke dip, Pear Salad, Thai Halibut with spinach & cashews on cocnut rice, & more chocolate dipped strawberried for dessert. It's actually a pretty Weight Watcher friendly meal. The house is full of the smells of garlic & Allspice & curry & ginger. My mouth is watering, & I'm hungry!

It's sunny again today, but not a cold. We're finally above zero! Maybe spring break-up is just around the corner. Yesterday was the start of Iditerod. My youngest Corey is in Nome right now. He called yesterday to say they were gearing up for the influx of people to come for the race end in about a week-10 days.


Suzanne Earley said...

I had never read the book and wanted to read it before going to the movie. I had no idea it was sad. It was a wonderful book, and I'd like to see the movie, but I'll have to be in just the right mood.

Rian said...

Thanks for the warning about the movie. When my mom died (a loooong time ago) I needed a diversion and went to see Terms of Endearment. Boy, was that a mistake! Whew!

I'd be interested to know more about that Thai halibut. I just found a place to get good halibut--a rarity around here.

Robin said...

Haven't seen Terabithia yet, as our little town is always the last place in the state to get new films. Thanks for the hint about bringing tissues.

It has been a long, dark and destructive winter here, and I think there too... The good news is, we can say goodby to SAD soon... the crocuses are beginning to show their little pointy green hats.

Beth said...

The Boyscout read the book, but I haven't. Thanks for the heads up!

My guys went to see Ghost Rider, but since I never read it, I didn't go. I'll catch it on video.

Hope you're doing better with the SAD. I get that, too.

BLP said...

You heard from Corey! Wow he's still alive! I got an email from his boss last week asking about bar blenders and was wondering if he had called you. Love you Mom!