Friday, July 04, 2014


It's a beautiful day here in Anchorage, Alaska.  Warren is out mowing the lawn & I'm getting to ready to go pull some weeds. It's our 24th wedding anniversary, & we will be having dinner out tonight to celebrate.

I appreciate comments, & honest critiques. I took Kathy's from my last post & agreed completely. I had actually thought the same, but was feeling too lazy to go further. After seeing what she said, I decided to get off my duff, & do what I had actually thought about before the last post. I added a strip of batting inside the lower half of the sleeve, quilted it, & folded it in half. I also painted with Lumiere & some Gel pens, to help add the the continuation of the Aurora into the sleeve area. I like it better. Thanks Kathy!

Here is the Poke blossom eco-print after washing. The dark marks to the left are from the piece of Bamboo that I had wrapped the fabric on to do the steaming. I guess bamboo dyes dark. There were also bits of small leaves from some random plant that I have on my deck that added a little touch of green spots.

I just finished 2 projects on Lilly (the longarm), & here is the next big one to do. I had a bit of a bad day yesterday when I cleaned & oiled my machine, & accidentally caught my oil rag in the bobbin hook underneath. Had to tear down the whole thing & work on getting the timing right again. It took me a few hours, but better than the days it took the lat time I did it! I swear I will never go near that thing again with a rag in my hand, while I running the machine!!!

This new quilt is the last large quilt my friend Carol Wight Jones has done. I'm honored that she is entrusting it to me. I hope I can do it justice. Carol has been a cover quilt on Quilter's Newsletter magazine. Her work is impeccable!


Melodie said...

Happy 4th and Happy Anniversary! Hard to believe you two have been married that long!
I'd like to say how awesome your work is but I don't want you to get a swelled head.
Don's niece is having her grad open house here today, then fireworks across the pond tonite.
Wish you were here, I love you and miss you! I'm feeling rather solitary lately.
Take care and have a great holiday!


Hello Deb, happy 24th wedding anniversary and many many more. You always do stunning work.. Have a great dinner out this evening. Hugs Judy

Delighted Hands said...

Happy Annivewsary! Beautiful work going will do amazing work on that quilt!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Happy Anniversary!!
I love how you changed up your quilt sleeve, it's PERFECT!!! I knew you had it in you, my favorite artist friend.