Sunday, June 22, 2014

Eco Dye Print & Landscape-Dreamscape quilt

I recently had my 60th birthday, & my friend Lori gave me this pretty "Poker" plant. It had these beautiful blossoms on it,  she told me I should pluck them off when I plant it outside, so the roots will get it established. I hated to do it, 
but here it is, all beheaded!

Not all was lost though, I used the flower heads on a piece of Alum treated wool from my friend Kathy, who does eco printing all the time, in Michigan, & here is what it looks like after printing. I haven't washed it yet, so it may turn color. I promise, Kathy, I will keep you posted it!

I finished binding my landscape quilt, for this years Calendar Girls challenge. It's a piece I started about 12 years ago in a David Walker workshop. It was the last class he taught before he retired from teaching.

It"s reverse applique', machine quilted & couching. The fabric along the top is actually the sleeve. I decided I liked it that way, since I had split it into a triptych, but wanted it to hang as one piece, & the hand painted fabric looked like northern lights to me. I didn't paint the fabric though, I think I bought it some where along the line.

This last shot is 2 simple block s that I made samples for future reference. Both I found directions for on You-Tube. the flying geese block is done with 2 squares, a rectangle, & 1 straight seem. It was a Ricky Tims video. The bowtie block (click on the high lighted links to watch the videos)  is done with 5 squares all the same size. It's only 2 seems, & was so much fun I made 12 more & have finished a quilt top, which I will post some time next month, after it's quilted & sent to it's new home!

Oh, & the best gift I got for my 60th, came a week early. This is Jocelyn. My very first Great-Grandchild! She lives in Florida, so I haven't got to meet her yet, but thanks to Facebook & her mommy Ally, I see pictures every day!


Delighted Hands said...

I wish you a very happy belated birthday! The great- grand daughter is a great present!!!

Beautiful plant-never seen it before; the wool dyeing is very cool!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Yea it's good to see you, I miss following your blog. Your wool really grabbed the pinks, I wouldn't wash it for a while and when you do use Ivory dish soap, the color should stay the same.
Your challenge quilt is beautiful, Love, love the square, diamond ground. I'm not so sure I like the hanging sleeve. Kind of looks like a too heavy boarder (but that's just in picture). Your baby quilt is so cute, love the 3D bowtie blocks.
Congratulations Great-Grandma,(boy your old!) new baby is beautiful.


Hello Deb, happy birthday. I wish you a wonderful. Your new grand is a sweetie. Neat that her Mom sends you lots of photos. I like your wool Eco dying project. That pink color turned out super. Love you charity quilt. Yes the one fabric does look like the northern lights. Hugs Judy