Saturday, September 07, 2013

A Gift from Judy & A Travel-Folio Tutorial

My friend Judy Evans, surprised me yesterday with the cute table topper quilt! Thanks Jude! It looks great in my kitchen. The hand-dyed runner under it, was a gift from Anita Heady. I am blessed!
I got ambitious this morning, & started playing with scraps. I took a bunch of seemingly unrelated, & frankly ugly looking bits (when mixed together), & fused them all on to a sheet of Heavy Heat & Bond.  

Once they were fused into one piece, & peeled them off from the paper backing & chopped them up with my wavy rotary cutter.

Next I cut 3 pieces of the stiff batting (Like Fast to Fuse, or whatever you use to make fabric bowls), & I laid them about a finger width apart, on the paper that I had peeled off of the Heat & Bonded fabric.

Next I layered on the bits of fabric & fused them to the batting.

After they were all fused on, I trimmed the edges back even with the batting (keeping the paper that I had built it on intact).
I layered some black pieces, some Angelina fibers, a metallic mesh, & a very dark green silk chiffon on top of the trimmed pieces.

Carefully pinning the edges of the top layers to the paper backing, I took the whole thing to the machine & stitched the edges, paper & all.

A little light quilting through it all, & ripping off the edges of the paper, this is what it looked like from the back side.

& front side.

I covered the gaps, between the pieces with a wire ribbon, & stitched the edges with a funky stitch.
I finished the top, & bottom edges with some piping, left over from another project.

Lined, & clear plastic to hold my passport & tickets,

A pretty yarn, & special lamp-work bead for the closure.

Ta-dah... I'm ready to travel.. next stop Edmonton! I'm going to get to babysit my grand girls soon, for a too short weekend!

I have to give credit to Sue Bleiweiss, & her Note-folio, for this is certainly where this idea germinated from!


Delighted Hands said...

What a table perk! I had the scale all wrong while reading the tutorial..nice surprise to see what you made...very cool! Have a good trip.


Some very pretty gifts from your friends.. Lovely Travel-Folio.. Have a great trip to Edmonton visiting with your grand children..Hugs Judy

S Briggs said...

very cool Deb! Mom told me about how she surprised you with the table topper, glad you liked it.

Barbara Russell said...

Awesomeness again!! Glad you get to go to Edmonton and spend some precious time there with your grands!!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Only you could take bright, "icky" fabrics and make them into a wonderful project. It turned out beautiful. Have fun with your grand kids.
P.S. Your hair looks great long.