Sunday, January 08, 2012

Museum Day & New Year Resolutions

In this new year of 2012, I resolve to be a better blogger! I will post at least one tidbit of  fun information or link to something interesting no less than monthly! I also resolve to get my new web page built before my next birthday in May! I try to make resolutions that are achievable, so I don't feel like a failure!
For my first "tidbit" here is a fun link that you can go to, download one of your own photos like I did on the one below, click on the enter button, & it will generate a color palette for you from your photo.

We have been having a real winter this year. Lots of snow. I took this picture a week ago, we've had another foot of snow since then.

The Anchorage Museum had a free day today. It was "Hobby" day, & I was invited along with all the other quilters from the ALCQ guild to come & share our hobby with the public. Because of the snow, the turnout wasn't as big as it might have been. I loaded up several smaller quilts, & a couple of lap-sized ones, & a quilt "sandwich" with a big needle & thread to be used by the public if they wanted to try a few hand stitches. A sweet little girl named Sophia decided she wanted to try her hand at it. It had been in a hoop, but the hoop ended up being more challenge than it was worth.
Ruthe & I, along with my DH were the only ALCQ people that showed up. A knitter named Ann sat with me for most of the time, & we chatted with the public. It was a fun afternoon.

Afterwards Warren & I had dinner at the Firetap, & used a gift certificate I got for Christmas from Wendy & Tracy. Thanks Tracy & Wendy! 
& Thanks Ruthe for showing UP!


Steph said...

Nice! that photo thing looks cool will have to give it a shot.

cindy shake said...

OK, that link is VERY COOL! Thanks for sharing!! And what a great idea to let the public have a try at quilting -especially the young girl. Inspire them young :)

Shala Kerrigan said...

It was very nice meeting you!

Marsel said...

If one girl is inspired to grow up and be a quilter, your efforts were worth it! :)

Delighted Hands said...

Always a good day to share the love........!

Melodie said...

That must be where all our snow is! They're threatening a bit tomorrow. 90% chance with little accumulation!