Monday, September 12, 2011

A week with Quilters

Thursday we had our Calendar Girls Meeting at Mary Gerkin's house. Mary always serves up a gourmet meal. This time it was Paella & antipasto. Her sweet dog Scamp looked on, longingly from the door on the deck.
Don & Marilyn Locke were our special guests.
Dessert was a lovely Flan.
Mary's view from her deck was lovely. On the way down the mountain, we got to see a big black bear. Don got a picture of it with his camera, but I was too busy driving to try & take a pic.
Friday we set up the quilt show. Here are Don & Marilyn with his very first quilt.
& Don with "The Supper", when we got it hung.
Saturday, on the 1st show-day, he wore his hand-dyed shirt that matches the back side of the quilt.
Bryan stopped by & did this little pose for me, so I could post it here for his mom, Anita Heady. I know how it is to have you kids so far away Anita, so here he is for you. He very sweetly offered to make dinner for us on Sunday, & I took him up on it. See below!
I introduced Bryan to several of my quilter friends. They all loved him. This is our guild president Rena, who he is talking to.
Here bidding was ending at the small quilt silent auction.
For the first time ever, I actually got a quilt that I was bidding on. It was made by my friend Sandy Winfree, who taught me how to tie the rocks into the fabric for Shibori.

Bryan came over after the show on Sunday, & brought these WONDERFUL Knishes....Oh boy, were they good! I made his favorite bacon wrapped dates for an appetizer, & pear salad.
For dessert we had vanilla ice cream, with warm caramel, & Brandied Rainer Cherries, made by my friend Rena. She had given them to Don & Marilyn. It was a great meal, & so nice at the end of a great week. Thank you Bryan, Don & Marilyn, & Rena!Now we will all go on a diet!
Don & Marilyn are off to Texas again. I'll miss them.


Melodie said...

I just love your Calendar Girls! You sure know how to have a luncheon!
My company is leaving tomorrow a.m. Chris, Sam & kids have been here a week. We had a good time. I need a diet too! (the sopopeia should be just about cool! This one has blueberries!)

Marsel said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

The picture of that dog is so funny -- I think its pathetic expression would give away what was going on even if you hadn't explained it!

mindy meyn said...

that dog is so cute.
Bryan is such a nice young man...I've totally enjoyed his company every time we feast at your house...and he and his friend are also welcome for Thanksgiving at our house.(maybe we already discussed that...its sounded deja vu-ish)
It was a nice quilt show and it was nice to meet Don and his wife.
And you always get to see bears. I've lived here 30 years and never have seen a bear in town. harumphh

Delighted Hands said...

No surprise that you have such creative friends! Beautiful work. The food looked wonderful, too!

Steph said...

I have to agree with Mindy, I never see bears here in town, bear poop yes bears no.

Looks like you had fun, glad you got the quilt you bid on.

Oh Mom loves your bacon wrapped dates as well she was telling me she wants them for her birthday.