Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Autumn in Alaska

I didn't realize until I unloaded the pictures from my camera yesterday, just how long it's been since I'd done a blog post. Like the fungi in my yard, my blog has been growing pretty stale!I have been working on some quilts, but can't show them until after Sept. 15th.

Sorry folks! I've realized that part of my incentive for posting, was my Dad reading my blog regularly. He would call every Sunday & comment on what I had posted during the week. I think he was the biggest reason I tried to blog regularly, because I knew he enjoyed reading about what was going on in my life.

We have had a wet August, & are still in the season of Road Construction.
Marilyn & Don Locke (both quilters from Texas), are here staying with us right now. Don made "The Supper" quilt, which is how I first met him, back in Barcelona, Spain, in 2002. Yesterday we took them down to Seward for the day. We stopped at Beluga Point along the way. Beluga whales were in the inlet, & I was lucky enough to see them, but not get any pictures. Don & Marilyn have been braving the elements here without complaint. When the left Texas it was 110 degrees!
I did all the driving, Warren is doing better with his right knee, but hasn't dared try driving yet. I had to make this "truck stop", photo opportunity along the road. I thought it was a beauty. This will definitely have to go into my truck series one of these days!
We stopped at "Sew & Bee Cozy", the local Seward quilt shop, where Don & Marilyn both bought fabric & tools, & had a general good time. Next we ate a late lunch/early dinner at our favorite restaurant, "Rays", where we all had great food,
& decadent desserts.YUM!
The local entertainment outside the window was great too!
After filling our tummies, we made a stop at
Softly Silk, where we were just lucky to find Kerry Cline in the shop, & willing to open the door for us.
I bought a couple of small gifts for Christmas, & Marilyn got herself a lovely sweater vest.
We made one last stop at my favorite coffee house to get our driver (me) a good cup of coffee to help keep me from going into a food coma of the 130 miles return trip home, & Don & Marilyn got to check out a little more of the local art.


Marsel said...

It's fun to see how different your climate is than ours...what a country we live in!

I love the otter, he's adorable. :) Glad you're enjoying good company!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I think we sat in those same seats and watched the same entertainment when we were there with you. And what memories I have of watching the whales!

Steph said...

sounds like you guys are having fun.

Melodie said...

That quilt is very impressive. What's his next project?
I watch your blog daily too.......do I need to start calling every Sunday?

Delighted Hands said...

I understand about the blog disconnect-it is how I connect with my family, too! This post was great-love your old trucks! The otter steals the show this time, tho!