Friday, July 01, 2011

My Solo Show Opens Tonight

Not Your Grandma’s Quilts!

A show of 26 art quilts,


Debra Jo Hardman

July1-August 2, 2011

First Friday Show tonight along with First Tap
starts 5 p.m.  to 8 p.m.

Midnight Sun Brewing Co Restaurant

8111 Dimond Hook Drive
Anchorage, Alaska [AK] 99507


Midnight Sun Brewing Company is located in South Anchorage on Dimond Hook Drive, a couple blocks North of Home Depot on Abbott Rd. Heading east on Dimond Blvd past Seward Hwy and Sandlewood Place, get in the left turn lane then do "the squiggle" to remain on E. Dimond Blvd. Turn left on Petersberg Street. Turn right on Dimond Hook Drive...brown block bldg.


Delighted Hands said...

It is going to be a treat to everyone who goes! Enjoy!

Deb Levy said...

Congratulations Deb! hope you have a great turnout!

Michelle Auer said...

Congrats! Wish I could be there!

Marsel said...

Hope you have a great evening! Wish my mom and I could stop by... :)

Steph said...

Ahh so that's why mom was going there today. Cool!

quiltmom said...

I am sure that it was a big hit Debbie- You do stunning work- I love the quilt photo on this post.
Enjoy the show- Wish I could see it too.

Françoise said...


Jen said...

Oh, I wish I still lived there to come see it! This quilt is such a teaser! Congratulations! You are so talented :)

Vicki W said...