Thursday, January 13, 2011

Healing Hands Quilt


I haven’t had anything I dared blog about lately. I’ve been working on a surprise quilt from my Calendar Girls group for our friend Jan who just had her first round of chemotherapy last Friday.  We each made a block, then I pieced & quilted the quilt, added the binding, & passed it to Jackie & Mary to hand finish the binding, & Margaret added a label. Jackie donated Minke fabric to put on the back, which is the yummiest, softest most wonderful fabric to touch.

Today we had our meeting at Jean’s house. Carol Wight Jones made this pink lacey tiara for her.

janwQcg 007

Jean got to present Jan with her surprise quilt.

janwQcg 013

Jackie made this pretty bag for it, out of 4 placemats that she found at a garage sale!

janwQcg 011

Jan was pretty stunned. She had a good time reading the names on the quilt, trying to figure out who each one was, as we decided to use our “Stripper names”. That means you take the name of your first pet, for the first name, & the first street you lived on as a child. That means my name was “Snowball- Bobo-Frost”. We also had Ginger Yakima, Gypsy----, I can’t remember right now the others, but they were all fun. Jan will use the quilt during her chemo, & know she has our love with her as she goes through this.

janwQcg 014janwQcg 016janwQcg 020

Pam Harris joined our group for the first time today. We had a person drop out & had decided to ask Pam to take the opening. We were tickled that she did. She brought with her, the last 3  of her Fast Friday, on line challenge quilts, to share.

janwQcg 018

Jean, (our hostess) decided she wanted to clear out some of her costume jewelry, & brought it out to give away. My what fun that was!

janwQcg 019

The other thing I did this past week, was get my Mammogram, have my labs drawn, & did a Bone Density scan, for the first time in my life. I also have appointments for the Colonoscopy & the Allergist coming up, & my New Year Resolution will be fulfilled!


Below is the class sample quilt I made to hang at the Quilt Zone, where I will be teaching Basic Binding & a Machine Quilting class in the next couple of months.

janwQcg 004

I made this little sample using a variation on Allie Aller’s French Binding method (with her permission).

janwQcg 005

& this sample shows bias binding with a piping accent.

janwQcg 006

Saturday I will get to reveal the next Fiberactions challenge quilt, that I’ve finished everything but the sleeve & label.


Nanc said...

What a wonderful quilt! I'm sure Jan will feel the love and strength of all those hands comforting her.

Anita said...

Wow! You wear me out. Beautiful "hands" quilt for Jan. Thanks for the French binding link too. Let's name would be Mittens Ludger

Delighted Hands said...

What a great time you had together-the quilt is a wonderful encouragement! (Stripper names....!) I had my first bone density 2 years ago and had a surprise of being in bad shape-fosomax, calcium, vit D and walking to the rescue-it helped a LOT!

Melodie said...

At least you haven't been just lounging around!
We could also have been "Midgie or Polar Bear Frost!" I use "Snowball" also. The outfit would consist of irridesent fabric trimmed with white fur! (Before it comes off.) Perhaps that'll be the next doll you make! Can't wait to hear the poem for that one!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Missed you. What a great quilt for Jan, I'm sure it will be of great comfort during her long days of chemo.

Vicki W said...

What a great quilt!

gpc said...

Good for you! Your health is the most important thing of all! Love the 'hands' quilt, what a lovely idea. And love love love the idea of 'stripper names.' I think I'll start using mine!