Friday, September 18, 2009

The Rest of the Vacation

These 1st 2 shots are a customer quilt, that I finished quilting the day before we left on vacation.
We flew from Anchorage to Washington DC. We spent the first night in DC, then got on the Amtrack to Connecticut. The next few images were shot through the train window.

We went through New York.

In Massachusetts we visited family. This is Warren's sister Jan, & her first daughter Lynne.

We spent some time in 2ND daughter, Lisa's pool. This was Grandpa Joe & Lynne's son Aaron.

Warren played his first ever video game with Lisa's 2 step daughters. The girls were so cute.

This was the BEST Tomato salad I ever ate! Good tomatoes are hard to come by in Alaska. We don't get enough darkness in the summer for the tomatoes to develop their sugars. We get hot house tomatoes, & their flavor is bland. These were the most flavorful tomatoes I've ever tasted. The green one was the sweetest ever.

This little green frog greeted us at our motel in great Barrington, MassWe visited the Norman Rockwell Museum. It was awesome, getting up close & personal with his paintings. To be able to see the brush strokes, & amazing number of works that he created in his lifetime. Over a thousand large paintings. Each completed in a couple of weeks.

This house was on the grounds with the museum.

I liked this stone garden portal in the back of the house.
These giant Hosta leaves looked quilted to me.
I loved the little tiny leaves growing right from the edges of the larger leaves.
We stopped by "Alice's Restaurant" made famous by Arlo Guthrie's song.
I thought the door was charming.

Hibiscus, the size of dinner plates were in bloom.

This red one was just opening up.

We visited upstate New York. Sister-in-law Sandra was from this area, & acted tour guide.

This large bird (hawk of some sort I think) soared over our heads as we looked out over the Hudson River.
The Hudson River.
This bronze lady looked out over the river too. We couldn't find a sign that explained who she was.
This bench was at Olana.
This was a mansion that we toured. It was built by artist
Fredrick Church in the early 1900's.
He had a fascination with all things Persian.
I wish I could have taken photos inside too.
I thought the way the stones were mortared together was beautiful.

I thought these 2 little boys were cute looking through the windows.
I loved the texture on this tree.
Back in Washington DC, we had lunch at Penn Station before we headed back to the airport to fly out.

We had a very relaxing vacation. It feels like a dream now.

Last night we went to see the Lion King. Even though I'm not feeling well, (I inhaled a snoot full of mold last week & have had lung issues ever since,). We sat in the 3rd row right on the aisle. The seats were great. The music & voices & dancers, & costumes were amazing. I wish I could go again! The minute the performance started, we had chills, & my eyes welled up with tears.


Delighted Hands said...

Wow,great photos! I loved the artist's home......wonderful job on the quilt!

Steph said...

Love the photos glad you had a good time on your trip

Allison Ann Aller said...

You DO get around, Deb!
Thanks esp for the pictures of Church's mansion. I have always loved his paintings....

quiltmom said...

What a fabulous vacation- you visited such unique and interesting cities. I love Rockwell too- I have a needlepoint that my mom made for me a number of years ago that is a Rockwell design ( the little girl with the black eye sitting outside the principal's office).

You do terrific long arm work- it all so intricate and beautiful.
Hope all is well with you.
Warmest regards,

Rayna said...

What a wonderful trip, Deb. The Berkshires are full of happy memories for my husband and me -- and it is beautiful there. Haven't been in Alice's Restaurant since Arlo sang about it, but I seem to remember it was pretty good.
Gorgeous pix - thanks for sharing all of them. We never had a vacation this summer, so I enjoyed seeing yours.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Those hibiscus flowers make a wonderful dye for wool(alum). Simmer just the red flowers (no green parts)around
an hour (the water becomes like jello and the flower loose their color), simmer your wool for about an other hour, turn off heat, leave overnight, rinse with a little amonia added to the water, when the fabric begins to dry it will turn a wonderful hunter green.