Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walking & Quilting, Business is good

I like to carry my camera when I take my walks. This is the Quonset hut on the corner of 142nd & Goldenview. It has a certain charm. The view below is looking down Goldenview toward the Kenai mountains.
Yesterday I delivered this 94 inch square quilt to it's maker Dr. Shirley Fraser. She is a Neurologist here in Anchorage. The nicest lady, & a very good Doctor, though she is pretty much retired from medicine these days. She was thrilled with the quilting I did for her, & gave me another quilt to do when I can. I have 10 in line now.

Today I headed into the woods to hike toward my friend Kate's house. Where there was a path 2 weeks ago, there is a pond with ducks living in it today. I tried to walk around but sank to my knees in icy cold water & muck.
The rest of my day was spent loading this 106"x114" quilt on Lily. I managed to get started quilting on it. Half way through the first bobbin my tension spring broke. Luckily a spare came with the machine, & with one call to Megan, & a few minutes of watching the DVD that came with the machine, I was able to replace the spring & keep on sewing.

I switched gears after the bobbin ran out, & worked on one of my Threadplay pieces. This is "The Ravages of Time #1". I started with a photo of an old cabin that I took years ago in Hope, Alaska. I have a lot more work to do on it, but my eyes are dry & tired. I don't blink much when I quilt! The border around my picture is some of the rust dyed fabric that I made recently.
I heard from The Alliance For the American Quilt. They received my crazy quilt, "A Modern Romance". It's always nice to know that they made it where they were supposed to go. I have a history of quilts lost in the mail.


Fran├žoise said...

You and Lily have been quite busy!
Did you lose several quilts in the mail? That's terrible.

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful scenery; great work on the quilts.

Deb Geyer said...

I like that picture of the Quonset hut. Especially the door with the diamond shaped pattern on it.

Why is it everything I look at turns into a quilt pattern? LOL!

Nanc said...

HI Deb,

Great photos! I'm heading home on the 22nd, so I'm hoping the weather stays nice! Let's hope for a better summer than last year! Glad you enjoyed the yard sculpture photo! We had a lot of fun with that one!
See you soon!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your thread play quilt is wonderful,it looks like a photo, only better. The rust fabric boarders will be perfect.

Allison Ann Aller said...

That Quonset hut has so much soul!!!!

Glad your business is booming...and also that you have time to work on your threadplay picture. It is awesome.