Thursday, September 18, 2008

Michigan part 2

I have finally come up for air. This series of books had me held captive. I literally could not put them down. I started the 1st book in the airport in Grand Rapids, while waiting for my plane. I finished the 4th book this morning. The 1st book was only 498 pages. The next 563, then 629, & the last 754. They were a great read. Time to get back to the real world now.
This will be the last entry on my trip to Michigan. I realized I don't have photos of some of the people I wish I had. I saw so many old friends . I stayed with Kathy & John for part of my time, & had a blast dying wool in Kathy's new dye studio. Her pictures are posted on her blog.
The time at the campground with my family was blissful for me. My DBIL Al walked with me every day. The light house below was the walk we did on a cloudy rainy day.
Campfires every night were fun.
& the sunsets.
On Sunday I went back to Kathy & John's house.
Kathy & I took a walk on a trail near there place.
We nearly stepped on this poor little guy, he was in the middle of the path.
The next picture is my sister Vicki, & Al's entry way. I love the pine.
I got to help Al pick tomatoes in the garden.
They tasted soooo good to me.
This is the river running through their front yard.
That same day we went to my niece Loni's house for a family picnic. Her DH Don grilled elk & venison burgers. I don't usually eat red meat, but I had venison & it tasted good.
This is the Taylor's pond right in front of Loni & Don's house. His whole family own this land.
They're daughter Kayden with my brother Dave, hammin' it up for me.
This is Camryn, Kayden's little sister. She is the sweetest natured baby.
After the picnic, Dad took me to the old Mears cemetery where his parents are buried.

I found some "quilty" inspiration on some of the headstones there.
Sadly I found out that there is no headstone on my grandfather's grave. He died when my dad was just a boy.
On Monday morning I had Free-motion Machine Quilting class. My big sister Em actually took the class.
I loved her spider & web design. The dirty looking gloves are a pair of mine. They are Machingers. I love them. The finger tips are silicone coated. There is no Latex in them. They breathe nicer and grip better than any other glove out there. My classes usually clear out the stock in the shops when I teach because I make every body try them. The finger tips get dirty from the color from the fabrics. I throw them in the wash, but it never comes white again.
Monday evening was my trunk show/lecture. Kathy says it was the best she ever heard.
I had around 50 quilts, & talked for about an hour.
This was part of the show & Tell after my lecture. This gal was in my Friday class, Threadplay, & went home & completed this piece over the weekend.
The background block was from a Carol Doak paper piecing class she had taken, then she added the threadplay flower with the mirrored center from my class.
Tuesday we went to Grand Haven for the Lighthouse Guild & my Over The Top Embellishment.
We played with all sorts of stuff. Painted & printed then using some of the stuff created to embellish & make beads & Embossed, & stitched. They were a fun group, & I think we could've easily spent 2 more days on what we got started on.
I spent one night at my Dad's house, & snapped a couple of pictures before we left of my old house next door to his.
This is his house. I am amazed at how big the trees look to me now. I used to climb the one on the far right, now I'd need a ladder to reach the lowest branch.
Back at the campground. My last day there is was sunny & warm.
These stairs were good exercise for my new knee, (the old one still complained though).
Lake Michigan was cool, I didn't swim in it at all. (I swam in White Lake the first day I was at my brother's house though).
I will always love & miss the beautiful sands of the beaches of Lake Michigan. I am always drawn back to them each time I get home to visit. As much as I love Alaska, Michigan is where I was born & raised, it's still my 1st home. I miss you all so much already.


Delighted Hands said...

What a lovely tour! I have only been through MI but it looked wonderful. There are quite a bit of snowbirds visiting from there come winter! :')

Glad the classes went well-it looks like it would be fun to attend!

Steph said...

Hahahaha I finished the last book tonight after mom came over. You talked about the Twilight books so much that mom actually borrowed my copy of it to give it a go.

Melodie said...'s almost like being there! I loved the class! And the visit! I miss you!!

Sande said...

Judging from the photos it looks like you had an awesome visit! Maybe some day I'll get over to that side of the state to take your workshop and meet you. That would be lots of fun. I visited that area last summer and spent the day at that very beach - it's one of my favorite places in Michigan.

Lei Lei said...

I miss you already too Aunt Bee, it was nice sharing time with you this time, because we didn't have any blizzards this time...Sounds like Don wants to visit Alaska again next year, but I think he's planning on Sitka.

rianammerman said...

Delightful post, it was like being there. How did you get all those quilts back there. How nice to have not one but FOUR books to keep you enthralled.

Allison Ann Aller said...

I am absolutely, totally, 100 per cent there with you, Deb!

Michelle said...

I'm still on my quest to get decent, if not good, at machine quilting. Maybe I need some of those gloves ;) I'm going today to look for some!!!