Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Life is always an Adventure in Alaska

Today was the big day for the delivery of Lily the Longarm A-1 sewing machine. Megan said it would be in 3 big crates. 700+ pounds total. I readied my studio as best I could. Set up the saw horses where the 2 ends of the machine should reach.
Mother Nature has continued to DUMP on us. Warren snowblowed the driveways yesterday, both front & back. We put my car in the front to keep it out of the way for the delivery truck.
Warren shoveled the path again this morning, we had about another 10-12 inches of fresh snow.
The truck backed up the driveway, but couldn't make the turn.
They carried the palate over to where Warren had shoveled.
We asked them, "Are you sure this is all there is? We were told there were 3 big boxes, & that it weighed over 700 pounds." "Oh sure the guy says, see there are 3 boxes here, they just strapped them all together".... Warren studies the invoice....
The chair is here,
the machine is here,
but this is it. No rails. No big 12 foot long crates. I called Megan, she said this isn't all there is. 2 12 foot wooden crates are missing. Well the shipping company found the crates, they're here in town, but because the roads are so bad from the storm, they aren't delivering anything else today, & don't know about tomorrow. I'm still waiting for their call to tell me when the rest will be here. In the meantime, Megan comes tomorrow. Guess we'll just have to do some playing, shopping, maybe we'll go to Calendar Girls!
PS- The gal from the freight company called back just after I published this post. They will bring the rest first thing in the morning, in a smaller van. 8 A.M. sharp! YIPPIEEE!


Vicki W said...

How exciting!

Melodie said...

I guess we won't be hearing from you for awhile!!

Sue said...

That is exciting, I hope they get the rest of your parts to you soon so you can try it out soon!
That snow, on the other hand is really tough to look at. It seemed like our winter was never going to end, and we may get more snow yet. I'm dying for a few sunny days in a row...

Barbara said...

I know the feelings when you want to start playing with the machine and you are missing the rest....grrr...hope you can begin soon with your new toy!!
Greetings to a wonderful world of snow....we have cold weather without any snow...KIsses Barbara

Allison Ann Aller said...

You turned a frustrating experience into a fun story to read, with pictures that brought us right into the tale with you and Warren.
You really do live like it is heaven on earth... ;-)

roxanestoner said...

Looking at that snow gives seems so foreign to me right now... I am in Arizona soon to be in Colorado. Did Lily get her long arms delivered today? Hope so. Nice job on your Bubble quilt. Love the color and dimension. Take good care in that snow.

mindy said...

Of course we all wonder if we'll ever hear from you again once Lily is up and running.

As soon as I saw that snow I thought of your delivery.

Can't wait to meet her.:-)