Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day & AFF Ribbons

Well, it's been a FULL week here, & frankly I'm glad it's over. We're all tired & maybe a little cranky after the hard work we put into the Alaska Fiber Festival. The show was good. A few things could've been better, & we're going to try to learn from the hitches. Nothing major, just a slow start to the Fashion Show, (but I wasn't there, so don't know about it first hand).
Today I thought I'd just do a quick post to show you the award ribbons that I made for the show. I really had fun with the Art Quilt Ribbons. I didn't get any of them back. My quilt wasn't included in the judging. Oh well.
This was 1st place Art Quilt.
I used a piece of my friend Mindy's fused art glass in the center, & embossed the center together with embossing enamel. It was pretty messy, but I liked the results. I wired & beaded & sewed the center into a circle of copper mesh.

& 3rd place were done the same way.

I made 2 of these for the Aussie Challenge viewer's choice awards.
This was for the Recipe Quilt Challenge.

I liked how this one turned out. It was for the "Barrowmore Quilt Challenge".
I loved this purple fabric when I bought it, & it was very expensive, but I doubt I would ever actually use it on a quilt, so I thought this was a good use for it.
These 2 were for the 50/50 challenge. It was art to wear by 2 people.
Trendy Trench Coats, 1st
& 3rd place.
This last is made from leather, was for the Tundra Boot Challenge.

When I 1st volunteered for the ribbons I was thinking I'd be making somewhere between 3 & 6. I hadn't realized that it would end up being 14. I was proud of how different I managed to make the ribbons, & made them to fit each challenge. It was actually fun!
I'll add more on the AFF later this week. Right now I have to run to UPS to mail out the Hoffman Challenges & pick up some of my quilts from downtown. The owner of Sivigney Art Gallery downtown, came to the show yesterday, & asked if she could keep my "Oh! To Dance With A Dolphin" longer, & would I be willing to do a show in her gallery next winter. Of course I said "Sure", so I guess I better get busy cranking out pieces to sell!


MJAPA said...

I think you should get a ribbon for your ribbons!

Kay said...

My hat's off to you! I made ribbons for my guild show last summer and didn't enjoy it a bit! Your's are amazing.

Vicki W said...

These are awesome!

Granny Fran said...

It would be extra special to win one of those ribbons!

Micki said...

Great ribbons and yes, it is neat how you made them to fit each category.

Gaia Quilter said...

The ribbons are wonderful, you are sooooo creative. It's a shame you didn't win one, remember our Earth day quilt show ribbons!

mindy said...

Amazing how you can take a piece of tossed aside glass and put it to good use. I have another small bag of blobs to hand off to you.
beautiful creative I'd like to see the pieces that won them! Are they posted anywhere?

Shirley Goodwin said...

These are great! I'm sure the winners appreciated them, and that they were a talking point at the show.

Ali Honey said...

Oh, Well done; those ribbons are very ceative and original. Hope you win one back!

Anonymous said...

wonderful ribbons! you did a lovely job.

and gosh, I wish I could have been there for the Quilt Walk and the Fiber Festival. Everytime I see Anchorage pictures I have an ache in my heart. How can I be homesick for someplace I've never lived? Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos.

Lise said...

The ribbons are stunning! You really deserve one yourself!!

Rian said...

The ribbons are fantastic! I hope you feel better soon, can't wait to see that new longarm, where in the world will you put it!