Friday, March 07, 2008

Alaska Fiber Festival Quilt Walk

Today we kicked off the AFF with the Quilt Walk in downtown Anchorage, in conjunction with the 'First Friday', which is an Art walk the 1st Friday of each month. It was the first time I was ever able to do the Quilt Walk, because the 1st 2 Fiber Fests, I had other duties during the walk.
This first photo is fellow blogger Marguerita McManus & her daughter Sarah, with little Morgan. They were there to sell the book they recently got published. It's 'Crazy Shortcut Quilts'.
No Roxanne isn't napping here, I just caught her mid blink. She probably needed to rest her eyes from that fabric on the table in front of her & Debby Boyce.
I actually did the Quilt Walk twice tonight. The first time I went with Roxanne to deliver fliers to each store. We met up at Kobuk with her friend, & they got into the free pastries that were being given out.
The young lady in the red floral shirt to Roxanne's right made the stained glass pieces in the window below.
Antique quilts were hung above old fashioned candies. This store is the oldest store front in downtown Anchorage.
I wish I could share with you how this place smelled. It was a Heavenly mix of spices & teas, & coffee, & eclairs. I could almost taste them in the air. I breathed IN a lot while I was there.
After Roxanne & I finished the walk in just under an hour, I met up with my friend Josetta, & did it again, quite a bit slower, but we stopped more to look, & I was tired from power walking with Roxanne. Her legs may be on the short side, but that girl can walk fast!
Josetta took pity on me, & walked slower for me.
We met up with a few of the ALCQ quilters admiring the antique quilt in Tracy Anna Bader's little shop. Her coats are wonderful wool felted creations.
In this little tiny shop on 4th Ave. Sevigny (I'm not sure if I'm spelling that right). This girl had walls full of beautiful brightly colored water color paintings, & behind her here she put my quilt, & too the right of mine, & just below two of Nancy Dobson's quilts. It was amazing how well they went in her store. She told me some of her paintings are being made into patterns for quilting.
Here Lynnette Motz, along with Joesetta & a lady with a cute dog are checking out my Ebay purchase of a quilt made from blocks rescued from in an old barn in Pennsylvania that was about to be demolished. Marcia Marcantonio saved them, & put them together with some hand dyed pink fabric, to turn it into this quilt.
We stopped in at The Quilted Raven. The only downtown quilt shop in Anchorage. She had a lot of Alaskan patterns & prints.
This 1880's Pineapple quilt greeted us in the entry way.
Tamara at Killer Designs has 5 of my quilts on her wall. I didn't think to take a picture of them. duh...
The Snow City Cafe was a hopping place. They had a Jazzy band playing,
& Mary Hertert's amazing dimensional works were hanging on the wall .

Mary herself , looked to be having a good time. She went well with her "Fire" piece here.
I got Roxanne to pose in front of her quilts.
The camera just doesn't begin to do them justice.
Another of my antique quilts, the Log cabin quilt on the back wall was in the same shop, Virtu.
Out of the Closet was closed by the time Josetta & I got there, but she opened the door & invited us in.
This very cute chair sets by the front door.
She also showed us the dressing room. Isn't this table cute? The drawer front is covered in buttons.
Curtains over the Change Rooms had old clothes sewn on them.
The store is full of wonderful vintage clothing.
6th Ave Outfitters even got into the spirit of things, & placed 2 of Roxanne's antique quilts in their window.
This quilt by Margaret Smith of Eagle River was at Stephan's Fine Art gallery.
Back at the JCPenny Mall, Gail looked colorful in her quilted vest. We made it back in time for Josetta to win the drawing, for Kennith King's lecture.


Lise said...

A quilt walk - what a dream!! How I wish I could take a trip across the big pond! I really enjoy your blog - thanks for sharing photos of "everything"!

Melodie said...

I wish I was there too! What a fabulous event!! I so envy your life (or at least your energy!!)
I want to hear about that table with the buttons on the drawer....I have the perfect place for a project like that. What are they set in or covered with? Talk to you soon! Love, Em

Sande said...

Looks like lots of fun, friends, and plenty of beautiful things to enjoy!

Barbara C said...

What a wonderful event. Thanks for letting your readers come along.

Nanc said...

OK....I must admit, I'm a little homesick after seeing all those pictures of you girls! It looks like you had a great time, and it was fun seeing my quilts hanging next to yours, Deb! Good luck with the rest of the fiber festival!

roxanestoner said...

That was a fun evening. Thank you for being the official reporter of the event. I will try to slow down to an elegant scroll next time we walk together. ahhahah.
CU Soon

Anonymous said...

Quilt shows are always a blast. Wish I could have been there to see everything in person.

Waltraud said...

I think you had a wonderful day there.

Rian said...

Wow, what great eye candy! You gals in the frozen north really know how to do it right!

Gaia Quilter said...

I don't know whats in the water up there but Anchorage has the most creative people. I love seeing all the pictures. I really miss you and the fest and wish I was there. Keep posting the pictures!

Granny Fran said...

Well, it's not often that I get to tour downtown Anchorage [like never]. So many talented textile artists you have there! Would love to see these in person.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

that is a fabulous show. Your art quilt group is really rockin!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I missed out on a good show, that's the price I pay for being old and forgetful Thanks Deb