Friday, February 29, 2008

February Vacation

We made it to Michigan on Feb 15th. Our first stop was to see my dad in his office. We went out to my brother's house afterwards, & crashed early after being up flying all night.

My brother Dave & his wife Linda (her taking a picture of me & Warren above), live on White Lake near the channel into Lake Michigan.

Weather was very cold & blustery. It snowed heavily while we were there.

Above is the lighthouse where Dave & Linda were married. Linda's great -grandfather used to be the lighthouse keeper there.
That evening we went to my sister Em's (actually her name is Melodie, but I call her Em)
surprise birthday party.
She quilts too, & her daughter's MIL made her a quilt cake. It was very tasty!
Here's a shot of my siblings & my Dad. Mom passed away in 1992. I'm the monkey in the middle.
We went out to see Em at her house the day after the party, then the storm started. We made it back to my brother's house & stayed put after that. These deer visited his back yard every evening.
The next day we went into Muskegon & had lunch with Dad. Then we went to his house & visited a while. I shot this picture of our old house next door to Dad's.
This is my Dad's house, the little place where I grew up.
We went out by Lake Michigan, just a short drive up the road from Dave's place.
I tried to take a few pictures for Allie.

This is the road to her family cottage. I would've gone down there to take a picture of the cottage for her, if the snow hadn't been knee deep, or if I'd taken my snow shoes with me!
Next we flew to Seattle. We went up to Bellingham the first day, & went to Megan Best's house. I tried out the A-1 quilting Machine & fell instantly in love with it. It was way easier to move than any other longarm that I've tried, so we ordered my machine!

Megan's studio was very neat, & I loved her thread collection.
My DD Michelle & her DH Jon, & DGD Darian stayed the weekend in our condo in Port Townsend on Discovery Bay with us.
Weather was much nicer there. It felt like spring. I ended up buying a sweater to wear because all I had with me was a winter coat, & it was too warm (50's).
Sunday the kids went home & we went to Bainbridge Island to pick up our friends from Salem, Oregon,
Ilene & Stu.

On Monday we went to a wild animal farm where we had a fun time.

There were several animals, here are just a few of them...

This guy tried to stick his head in the car.
The lamas surrounded us.

On Tuesday we went for a hike to Marymere Falls.

I loved the towering trees of the Olympic Rainforest.

And gnarled roots.

Stu was having fun with his new camera.
The falls were pretty.
On our last day, we stopped off in Poulsbo before heading into Seattle. We took a short walk,
sight seeing the quaint little town.
We took the ferry into Seattle.
where we had lunch, then took Ilene & Stu to their train. Next we went to Michelle & Jon's to visit for a bit before we caught our flight back to Anchorage. Mindy picked us up late at the airport, & when we got home, all these fused glass treasures were waiting for me (a gift from Mindy). Along with my very needy cat. He was glad to see us & has been clinging to me ever since.


mindy said...

Hope you had a telephoto lens when you shot that bear photo!

Thanks for sharing your trip with us....I was starting to go into Blogwithdrawal!

How come Ileen hasn't aged since I saw her?

Welcome Home....Broccoli missed you terribly!

Vicki W said...

What a great vacation and you got a longarm as a travel memento! I can't think of a better one.

Allison Ann Aller said...


Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for the lovely snowy tour (while I'm sitting here warm). However did you load so many photos at one time?

And how do you manage a vacation memento to be a long--arm quilting machine? Did it fit in a suitcase? LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG! Poulsbo is right where we were stationed inWA!! It seems a lifetime ago! Great photos of a great trip! I have to agree with Mindy......Ileen hasn't changed a bit......must be that mountain air! Can't wait to start seeing the results of the long-arm. When will it be delivered? (Geeze I look fat on the outside!!) Love you!

Melodie said...

That was Em.........

Marcy said...

Hey Aunt Deb!, I was so happy that you were there for my mom birthday party and remmy that I always love you! \|,,| (sign language) i love you ! I miss you already and I remmy that ur old house was very cool in kitchen was wood wall from paper and that I missed that always go over when we had vacation from CT or other i dont remmy that We were visited my grandparents wheelers house next ur old house! i was play with my cousin michelle when i was little and good memory that for you took picture of ur old house wow you keeps remember in direction where ur old house was! love you Aunt deb!

Granny Fran said...

What a wonderful vacation! Thanks for those fantastic photos. You and Em sure look like sisters. Look forward to seeing what you do with the longarm quilter.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Ah...Michigan and home. Makes me miss it (sorta). I seriously don't miss the snow and cold, just miss the stark beauty and smell of a snowy day.

Great travelog, and I KNOW you're glad to be home.

MMM said...

Welcome home! Sounds like a super trip and thanks for sharing your great photos! Let me know if I can help with the longarm (I miss mine!).

Gorgeous beads! ~ Marguerita

Gaia Quilter said...

I'm glad you had a great trip, I love your rain forest and I loved my rain forest, someday we'll compare quilts! Are you going to post Mel's purse? I love the fused glass Mindy made, beautiful.

BLP said...

Wow, the old place looks a lot different with the two big pine trees missing from out in front of the house.