Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thank you all, so much for your kind condolences. I'm touched by all your words. Aunt Ethel gave us one last gift, this past Monday. We went to the funeral home, to make the arrangements to take her to Florida, & when we went through the paper work that she had filled out over 10 years ago, we realized she had requested that there be no funeral, & no viewing. She wanted an immediate burial. We were able to make her arrangements to fly her back to Florida, & we didn't have to go. We could hardly believe it, but it was what she wanted, so she flew out Tuesday night, on her favorite Delta flight, that stopped in Salt Lake City, then on to Tampa. When the funeral director told us what flight he had booked I couldn't help but laugh. That was the flight she always tried to get whenever she used to come visit us. Warren wrote her obit, & we sent memorial flowers to her church in St. Pete for this next Sunday. Someday I'll make a quilt in her memory.
Today we got a surprise visit from one of my oldest friends, Loisann. We were in Kindergarten & First Grade together. After that we were intentionally separated by the teachers, until 7th grade. We had had way too much fun together, & didn't always get our work done because of it. From 7th grade on we were locker partners, & best friends.
About 10 years after graduating high school, Loisann called me to say they were being moved to Alaska. Her husband was military. They ended up buying the house next door to us. When he retired from the Air force the went back to the midwest, just outside of Chicago. She gave me this little plaque today, & it seemed so appropriate...
Here she is trying out my purse. It went so well with her sweater.
Randy, her husband had heart surgery since we last saw him. They both looked good. On the right is Becky, she is a friend of theirs, & former owner of a quilt shop in Eagle River.
This evening I went to another quilter's house, Pat Simms.
She was showing us a quilt she's working on. Pat always works very improvisationally. I love her work.
Here she was looking at some shirts that had been dyed & discharged & batiked by Linda Weatherwax. I found it ironic that someone with wax in her name does batik work.
These shirts were all purchased at a 2nd-hand shop, & then reworked. They were really beautiful pieces, 100% silk or good cottons. The 2 long banners were formerly king-sized cotton sateen pillow cases that she took apart, then batiked.

This last was a lovely silk scarf, from new silk.
Ruth Simpson was wearing green, & it looked lovely with her outfit.
Tomorrow I hope to spend some time cleaning up my studio, & packaging Christmas gifts for mailing.


Rian said...

Y'all are just so dang creative up there. Must be something in the water. ;o)

What fun to meet up with a grade school friend. Loisann looks like a fun person. I have two old pals I keep in touch with and it's like being a kid again when we get together--which doesn't happen enough I might add!

Granny Fran said...

I think you will enjoy creating a quilt in honor of your aunt. Love those recycled and gorgeous pieces of fabric art. What a great idea! Sounds like Debra S.

Debra Spincic said...

Yes, it sure does! LOL!

Sandra Evertson said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt, but what a wonderful thing you did to document her days here!
Sandra Evertson

The Carolina Quilter said...

So sorry about your aunt. I lost one of my dear aunts the spring before my mother, her sister, died in September. The only remaining aunt is suffering from Alzheimer's and is declining rapidly. I have so many good memories of them, however, which I cherish.

Nanc said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt Ethel. She lived a long life, and it sounds like you will have wonderful memories of her. Looks like Wednesday at Pat's was great fun. Hopefully I'll make the next one!

Gaia Quilter said...

I love the long batiked panels, and the silk scarf. Beautiful work.

Jeri said...

Deb, I'm sorry about Aunt Ethel. She must have been a wonderful gal. I'm glad you have fond memories of her. How kind of her to have paved the way for her end-of-life experience.

Rhonda said...

I love that saying. Mine is live long, laugh often and love always. Take care.

Kim said...

Sorry about your aunt, great tribute. Wonderful motto!