Friday, November 30, 2007

Holidays are coming

Sunrises this time of year tend to be more intense & spectacular. Yesterday morning this is what it looked like from my kitchen window at 910 a.m.
I put some decorations on the Bear tree , including the tree topper that John Jolman (my friend Kathy's husband) made for us.
This is the other tree. We have bigger ones, but I didn't feel like putting a bigger one up. In fact I gave one of my larger trees & some of my decorations to my youngest son Corey, this week. I'm to the point I want to pare down all this "Stuff" we've collected.
Speaking of collections, I have the mice on top of the bookcase.
My parents photo stands next to the tree.
The Sugar Town set that Warren gave me, just fits in & on the new TV cabinet.
I love having Warren's art work on the walls for the holidays.

Tired Santa is my favorite.

Today I worked on some place-mats, as a favor for my friend Joan, one of the elderly ladies who volunteers at the hospital. She has macular degeneration & can hardly see anymore, yet she still comes & works at the hospital for no pay, & very little glory. She had bought some fabric & wanted to make place-mats for her son & his family when her eyesight suddenly went bad, so I put them together for her. Nothing fancy, not even worth a picture, but it did get me into the studio today. It seems like all I've done lately is decorate for the holidays, so this felt like a treat to sew even a little bit.


Sue B said...

I love those Santas!

Debra Spincic said...

Your place is the way Christmas is supposed to look. Here with the temps still in the 80s, it's very hard to think Christmas.

Melodie said...

I don't have any of Warren's Christmas art work! I'll have to look and see if there is any out there. What do you have on top of the book case? Looks like granite or marble.
I like the decorating part of's the "un" I don't like. I always miss something!! Love you!

p.s. I'm using Sarah's computer today.

Jeri said...

your house is looking festive! and I love the sunrise - what gorgeous colors!

Sheri said...

Beautiful sunrise! Your house looks so cheery with the Christmas decorations.I love the bear.
I haven't put a one out yet.This coming week decorating is job one.

Micki said...

The decorations look great. I'm slowly getting there.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I'm going to celebrate a white Christmas vicariously through your blog! I have no decorations up and probably won't bother, and of course, it's summer!

roxanestoner said...

That some sky shot. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. You made me in the mood for Christmas by the way.

Meg said...

Its so nice to see pictures of home again. I lived in Anchorage from 1972 -1990, and still consider it home, still be there if it was my choice. We've been in NM for 15 years now and I still call albuquerque Anchorage half the time. I never minded the winter dark and loved seeing the sunrise and sunset the so close together. Beautiful snow pictures, thanks Meg

Rian said...

I had no idea Warren was so talented!

How nice to decorate your whole house. Next year! We are going away this Christmas, so no decorating.

Gaia Quilter said...

Warran's art work is wonderful, I love all the Santas.
I've been giving some of my Christmas "stuff" to Melissa also, just keeping my favorites. I like to decorate more for "winter" not Christmas since we're not here and I don't want to come home in January and have a tree looking at me full of ornaments.

Deb Geyer said...

I love the Santas!

Helen Suzanne said...

what a lovely christmasie feel your house must have. I think I'm doing a Yule-tide solstice thing this year instead as the turning of the season is such a dark time. Love the bear tree.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Those Santas are just awesome. Really cute, funny, and well-rendered!

Love your sugar town too....guess I had better get busy around here...but can you believe, I only have one box and one paper bag of decorations/ornaments? My bad!!!

Sonnja said...

Lovely photos!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands

Kay said...

Your home always looks so cozy, as Debra says, the way Christmas is supposed to look. Beautiful sunrise too, but 9:10 a.m.! I'll remember that when I want to complain about sunrise at 8:10 here.