Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our Mission Organization

Something about the changing season, & snow capping the mountains behind the house, knowing soon it'll be flying down here too, made me want to clean & organize this weekend.
I started on Friday evening by pulling out all of my summer clothes from my closet, then most of Saturday was spent putting winter clothes in, (much neater than it had been), & putting the summer things in the under the bed bags. I also got rid of 1 large garbage bag full of stuff, & at least 7 or 8 old T-shirts have been cut up & turned into dust & paint rags.
I also did a major vacuum & dust job today.
Today we switched the summer door for the winter door in the kitchen.
Now the summer door resides in the corner of the living room.
On the dining room table, I put my Halloween fabric on the table.
A layer of orange cotton duck, covered with a sheer net with spider webs all over it. These are the only kind of spider webs I'll allow in my house.
We went to a movie last night. We saw "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster. The critics weren't very kind to it, but Warren & I really liked it. It is more of a "guy flick", a lot of violence, but I found it pretty riveting. I was afraid it would have a very unhappy ending, & it did make me tear up at the end, but it was better than I thought it could be. Naveen Andrews plays Jodie's fiancee, & I really like him from Lost. I didn't realize he was actually British, because on Lost he is Middle Eastern, & has a different accent. It was strange to hear his British accent in this movie. If you like Die Hard type movies, you'll like this one.
I did pretty well my 1st week back to work. My shoulder is a little stiffer, but this week I'll get 2 days of physical therapy by working Mon. , Wed, Fri. The schedule stinks, but is probably better for my shoulder. I haven't gotten any sewing done. I still have to finish the Irish Dance Dress, but will try to work on it a bit this evening, & will probably get it finished by next weekend. Getting ready for winter had to take priority this weekend I'm afraid.


Vicki W said...

And you are asking me about MY energy? My closets look like crap, I have project piles everywhere and I bought a new vacuum...for the maid! LOL! Love your decorations! I don't do that either.

Melodie said...

I'm with you Vicki! My idea of getting ready for winter is closing the windows!
The house looks fabulous Bee.
What's in the rooster box by the door? I'd like that for dog food! Cool!

Rian said...

I had forgotten all about this--winter windows and doors, changing over the clothing (we had such small closets in those days, how did we ever survive), and putting winter tires on the car.

I love what you did with the summer door.

MJAPA said...

This was a good weekend for getting org. We did the same thing. Had to make room for the birthday piano! ;-)
Last night was the first time we needed the heater as well. It is getting to be winter for sure!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Your closet looks commendable in the extreme.

I would like to dump mine out and start over for sweats, turtlenecks, and socks; one nice new sweater, one good blouse, and one pair of pants that fit....that sounds my kind of closet!!!

Granny Fran said...

Glad you are doing OK with being back at work. I'm doing a lot of organizing also, but it takes me a long time, I poop out quickly. It sure makes me happy to get rid of a lot of junk. I wish my bedroom closet was as well organized as yours.

Ali Honey said...

Please award your self a GOLD STAR for cleaning and looks great. I didn't know about switching doors ....guess that's cause our temperatures aren't as extreme as yours.

Carol said...

It always makes me feel good when I have everything organised. Love your decorations.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I hate to clean and closing the windows is just fine with me.

I am a fan of Jodie Foster but may wait until the movie comes out on disk.

Barbara said...

Love your home and..thats right..winter is coming soon..brrrr!