Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Autumn is in the air

I'm in an Autumn frame of mind. The weather has been more autumn like here, though a little warmer than usual for this time of year. No termination dust falling on the mountains yet, but leaves are turning gold, & nights are definitely getting longer. I love the smell of autumn. It's such a spicy fresh scent. I've been switching out the quilts around the house, hanging all the Fall quilts. It's my favorite time of year & it shows. I still have quite a few, even though I sold one of my favorites this past spring.
I brought Portage Paulene, & Crowpass Corrine out from the guest room today.
I also hung "Why?" on the door in the corner, & set an up light on the floor behind it, so that it shines through the window of the door at night. It makes a nice nightlight. This is our winter door, so it'll be switched out soon, & the summer door will spend the winter in it's place.

Below are the 3 small quilts I won at the small quilt auction at our quilt show this weekend.
It was funny, when I first saw this purple hearts quilt hanging in the auction, my 1st thought was "Oh, I like how that's quilted", rapidly followed by, "gee, it looks familiar", then "Oh, no wonder! I was the one who quilted it!"Well I decided I wanted it, so I bought it! The original quilt maker was unknown, the block was found in our guild stash.
This little blue star quilt was made by my friend Kathy Harte. The quilting was done from the reverse side, following a printed panel, what you see here is bobbin thread. I think I may turn this into a throw pillow.

This last one is by my friend Jackie Carley. It was hand painted & stamped & machine quilted. I love the colors. It puts a nice punch of color on my wall.

Have any of you noticed the changes in Quilters Newsletter lately? I was thinking seriously of discontinuing my subscription until these changes came about. It seems to have more news now. I'm liking it better again.

Speaking of news. The La Conner Quilt Museum, in La Conner Washington, is having a special 10th anniversary celebration at the end of September, & they notified me today that they want to use my "Oh! To Dance With a Dolphin!" quilt for their publicity for the "Blue Ribbon Quilts" show that it'll be hanging in. I am honored!


Clare said...

Getting autumnal here too, though the sun has at last arrived! I love that last quilt - the colours are beautiful.

Vicki W said...

I totally agree with you. I was considering canceling my subscription as well. It's much improved now!

Fran├žoise said...

I like this little quilt too. Nice warm colours!
We are enjoying a kind of Indian Summer here at the moment. It's lovely.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...


I agree with you about Quilters Newsletter. Now I only buy it once in awhile.

Great little quilts you got.

Last night it sure was fall here in Chicagoland. I was so cold I wanted to turn the heat on, but didn't

MJAPA said...

So does that mean I'm going to see your quilt in ads around WA? How cool! Your house looks warm and happy, makes me want to come for a visit and sleep for a week. Sigh. I need a vacation. I didn't really get one this year.

diva of quilts said...

I'm thinking about autumn these days, although it still feels like summer in So Cal.

Cute little quilts!

Kay said...

What a great show that one would be. Congratulations on being in it. I don't know about Quilter's Newsletter; still too much product tie-in. But the one that has really deteriorated in quality now, IMHO, is American Quilter. I'm dropping AQS membership, I think, since that was the only real reason to belong.