Sunday, July 12, 2015

Le Fleurs

With a nod to my Harry Potter vacation, I name this quilt "Le Fleurs".  Out calendar theme for 2016 is Flowers. This is my calendar quilt. It was my intention to make my own lampwork bead centers for it, but time is running out & the garage isn't ready for all the stuff that has to be moved before I can start lampworking, so I gave up & just beaded it with beads I had on hand. I hand painted or hand dyed all of the materials used on this piece myself. The background is silks on top of a layer of canvas.Flowers are hand painted cottons, & when I thread painted them, I did it on Sulky Heavy Solvy stabilizer. I only washed it out about halfway, to be able to keep the flowers dimensional & keep some shape. I also put tulle on the back of them for a little my stability.


Delighted Hands said...

What a stunning art quilt! We have come to expect no less from you!

Melly and Me said...

So great to see these at the "reveal" yesterday at the ALCQ Guild meeting!! They are so breathtakingly beautiful up close in real time than a photo could ever duplicate!!! There isn't a word that I can think of to accurately describe these flowers, other than they make you feel like you're in the garden!!!