Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Ice Sculptures & Burning Desire Quilt (Fire & Ice)

We took a walk downtown Anchorage last week. I had dropped & smashed my iPad, so we took it  to a place downtown to be fixed. We did some shopping, used one of our gift cards for lunch & then took a stroll through town square. I'm glad we did it then, because yesterday a pineapple express blew into town & we hit 50 degrees! Everything in melting & turning to MUSH! Who would've guessed we would have spring breakup in January!

There were some NY themed sculptures.

Chess piece, & a church.

A fantastical dragon, & wind boat thingy.

The spiked balls fascinated me.

This was just a beautiful design, something like I would do on a quilt!

& some sea life.

Segue here to my calendar quilt for 2014. The theme was our Burning Desire, & this was mine. I finished way back in May, but didn't want to post it until after I'd given all of my calendars out for this year.

My Burning Desire- is "Retirement".

I printed a photo of my own feet in flip-flops & used "Printed Treasure" fabric to print it out.I cut away the bottoms of the flip-flops & used some "special" fabric I bought several years ago for them. It was printed & sold to raise money & awareness about prostate cancer, which my husband had about a year before I had found this. I hid it underneath the feet, for a subliminal message to stamp out prostate cancer, but used bigger pieces for the back side, where only the people I wanted to see it could see it. (It may be offensive to some folks). I pictured the back last, so if you are offended don't leave a comment, please!  Or don't look at the last photo on this post!

The "water" is several layers of sheers & some silk & wool rovings needle felted into the piece. Quilting , appique, & fellting were all done together. Beads were added to make "bubbles ". Edges were left raw, then covered with the seaweed yarn. Next I added shells, driftwood & moss, coral & other bits for a border.

Last I painted Aleen's "It's OK To Wash It" fabric glue all over the tan fabric, & poured on the real beach sand.

Here's the R rated back side

my burning desire to stamp out prostate cancer fabric!
Close yours eyes if you can't take it!!!!


Barb said...

I love, love, love it!!

S Briggs said...

very cool Deb!

Kitchener Quilter said...

Love it. What a message! And I loved the ice sculptures. Thanks for posting them.

Vicki said...

Your message is loud and clear little sister. If only all cancer could be stomped out. Love and misses. Vicki

Delighted Hands said...

The ice sculptures are amazing! Good job on the quilt!


Hello Deb. I think your quilt is very creative and beautiful.. I love all the fantastic looking sea shells and wee pieces of drift wood and real sand. How neat is that. I would like to stamp out prostrate cancer too.. it runs in both of our families.. Hugs to you.. Judy