Sunday, January 06, 2013

Life is Full

December was a full month for us. The raven is the ornament I made this year for our annual ornament exchange. The moon is glow-in-the-dark fabric & the raven I did entirely with thread.

I taught Warren how to needle felt, & he did this bar of soap as is ornament.

Above are stockings I made for Michelle & the 2 Seans.

Above is the finished Airport quilt, hung in the conference room at the airport. Mary lee is the maker, (I quilted it for her). After they hung it, Mary's son Mike took Mary & me on a private tour of the airport. It was fun rinding the runway right next to a big plane taking off., & seeing things I never knew were there!

We had a great time at Calendar Girls at Betty's house too.

Right before Christmas Warren & I went to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to spend the holiday with Brandon & Laura & the girls. Our first full day there, Laura & I took the girls to the Edmonton Mall to see Santa. We waited in line for about 4 hours for the girls to set on Santa's lap & have a picture.  They made some friends while waiting.

& Zoe took a nap too.

After Santa, we went to the Spagetti Factory for dinner. The girls did a little Melodrama for us using this metal gate as a prop. They were saying "Help me..."

We spent time just hanging out at the house.

Zoe tried to put some moves on little Simon the neighbor kid.

Laura made an 8 course dinner on Christmas eve, & had friends over.

Christmas morning was chaos & great fun.

Finger painting happened later in the day.

& bath time folloed.

We also had a day at the Science Center.

We finally had to say goodbye to the family & Edmonton. It was so good spending time with them.

This past week I worked & cleaned house. Put away Xmas. Yesterday we went to see "Les Miserables". I never have read the book & didn't know what the story was. I had expected to like it better, but can't say that it was any fault of the movie thta I didn't fully enjoy it. We had the misfortune of having a very drunk girl set down next to us, & she kept shouting out & making noises & rude comments. The 3 people directly in front of her got up & moved. When we & a few others asked her to be quiet she told us we should move too. I finally got fed up & went out & complained. The manager came in & very quietly asked her to leave. She didn't, but she did pass out so it was better for the rest of us. then suddenly the movie froze, the lights came up, & the manager apologized for the interruptions. 3 big policemen came in, woke the girl up & took her away.She was stumbling drunk, & all got a view of her backside, because her pants were falling off when she got up. The manager gave us each a free pass for another movie anytime we want to use it. I managed to get enough into the movie, that I shed a few tears at the end.

Today I hung the next quilt top to be quilted.Shot a few pictures & will do some drawing on them before I attempt to quilt it. It's a beautiful hand applique' done by my friend Jan Wills.
I also made this flower/pin to send to the RVQuilter who won my blog drawing a couple of months ago!


Stephanie Briggs said...

Wow you had a very busy month! I have never had the pleasure of a drunk person in the movie theater yet. Richard has though. Thanks for the pin you made me I LOVE it!

Delighted Hands said...

Nice to catch up with you -looks like it was a great December!
Here's to 2013!

quiltmom said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous time in the city I call home. It is a beautiful city and there are lots of fun things to do. My husband works at the science center in the summer time as a public interpreter in the Observatory. It would not have open much over the holidays as it was too cold ( though the last few days have been milder) The observatory is open only on the weekends except for the summer months.
Hope you will get to visit our city again- should you I would be happy to meet you somewhere to have coffee.
The airport quilt is lovely and so are your other pieces.
Happy New Year to you and yours.
Warmest regards,