Saturday, March 03, 2012

Lecture Design Inspiration

My lecture last night was well received. I feel very lucky to belong to such a nice group. I showed 231 slides, while talking about "Design Inspiration" & trying to explain where I find it, & ' how my mind works'. 
I also Demonstrated how I try out different designs on the computer before stitching quilting on the quilt. I used my friend Jackie Carley's quilt top to show how I do it, then I offered to let others try it out. Ruthe was a great sport & gave it a try. After that I asked if they had had enough, or wanted to  see my suitcase load of quilts.

 They all wanted the quilts, so we pulled out about 30 quilts & passed them around, chatting & laughing & having a good time.
 I ended up having a banana & glass of milk for supper, & crashed at about 10:30! Too tired to bother eating. Today we're dying, doing Surface Design & Embellishments. Tomorrow it's Reverse-a-Purse, & Monday it's back to my regular job.
 I had nursing nightmares just before I awoke at 4:30  this morning. I dreamed I gave a patient a glass of water because she was thirsty, & got fired for it, because she was supposed to be going to surgery & wasn't supposed to eat or drink anything.


Rian said...

I'm sure you impressed your viewers, and that sounds like a lecture I would love to attend!

Judy said...

I wish I could have been there to hear the lecture! Can you post some of the slides online?