Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Shibori with Silk & cotton

My sister Em asked for a shot of the deck skirt, so here it is. Warren worked on the first of 4 raised beds that will go in this corner of the back yard too. The other 3 wil have to wait until next summer, as he will be having his right knee replaced on Tuesday.

I've been working in the studio. I put the old Microwave oven in the corner, & set up all the Acid dyes that I just bought for dying.
I bought some black silk & tried discharging it with bleach, but it wouldn't discharge at all! so...I got out my Lumier paints, & painted it instead. The fabric on the right pole was a black cotton, & it did discharge without any problem, but the silk didn't fade one bit.The silks are the one on the left with the rocks, & the piece draped behind the 2 poles.
One of the pieces that I dyed at Sandy's house, the one with the large rocks, I stuffed the back side with bits of wool batting,( left from some traupunto project a while ago),

Then I basted a piece of cotton batting on, & stitched a flat backing, & quilted the whole thing from the front, & also added a cord for wearing it....
I left the edges on the front piece raw, but burned them a little to seal the edges. Now I can wear it like a little piece of art.


Vicki W said...

How cool is that! I hope Warren's surgery goes well.

Delighted Hands said...

Love the deck area! It looks so sunny and nice out now....hold that thought!

The art necklace is beautiful-you're doing a great job with the special effects dyeing.

Michelle Auer said...

The house is looking great! Tell Warren to get well soon!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Tell Warren we wish him a speedy recovery.
Your house looks beautiful, and so does your little dye corner, I know some great things will come from it.
Love your new necklace, looks like it was made for the tops you dyed.

Melodie said...

That little cabin has taken on an air of sophistication! It's the kind of house I admire when driving around. We saw some beauties out west! Along with awesome scenery and animals. The Prairie Dogs were my favorite. If I had one his name would be Scooter!!