Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Day in The Valley




Today I got up at 5 a.m. & drove 80 minutes north to Palmer , to teach an Embellishment class. I started them out painting on fabrics, Tyvek, lace, silk hankies, silk cocoons (after they cut out the worms) & batting.

Then we did foiling, embossing, burning fabrics, made  fabric beads, & played with Angelina,& Friendly Plastic (among other things). Then the last couple of hours we did small collage pieces.


The ladies were all very good sports, & we had a lot of fun. The next few pictures are things they did. They were a creative group.

007 009 008 010  012 011

On the next one, I liked what she did with the Friendly plastic. She took apart an old earring, & pressed it into the surface of the plastic. We just heated the plastic with a heat gun, & had some fun with it.

013014 016

The reason this snow scene is tilted, is I was driving & not looking through the camera. I just sat it on my left shoulder & pushed the button. I’m surprised it turned out this well. It was a beautiful afternoon, driving back to Anchorage.


These last 2 shots, are a clock that I am making for the Irish Dance School auction coming up in another week. I’m not finished with it yet, & will try to get better pictures when I’m done.

024 023


Françoise said...

Nice work! And I like your tilted snow picture.

Delighted Hands said...

You made those women feel so powerful with their new skills-great results! The clock is beautiful!

jenclair said...

An early morning trip to inspire! You have way too much fun with this!

mindy said...

Awesome fireweed clock...thank you!!! It will help our auction tremendously!

Steph said...

Nice work on the clock, I like it a lot

Allison Ann Aller said...

Looks like a terrific class, Deb!

Love that clock, too......